Ramon Valentin
Operations Coordinator

Mr. Valentin has 22 years of service in the United States Navy. He served 10 years active duty as a Radioman (Telecommunications Operator). Time of service was from FEB 2, 1988 to NOV 7, 1997. Stationed commands were the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72, NAVCOMTELSTA Jacksonville, FL. and NCTAMS WESTPAC Guam. During his tenure on active duty his responsibilities were as follows: message center and technical support operator; dealing with message traffic and tactical communications circuits, antenna maintenance supervisor; responsible for maintenance of twenty-seven shore antennas and Fleet Center manager; responsible for managing circuits dealing with ship-to-shore, shore-to-shore, submarine-to-shore and submarine-to-ship communications.

When he separated from active duty and while in the reserves, Mr. Valentin worked for a Web Hosting corporate company NTT/ Verio Web Hosting as a sales associate and as an OEM Account Executive. As a sales person, he sold web hosting accounts to perspective clients and as an OEM AE, he managed high level accounts providing web hosting services to 4 telecommunication companies; BellAtlantic, GTE, Intermedia and an International account Terra Lycos in Mexico. He was responsible for the business relationship after the OEM client launched.

Mr. Valentin also served in the U.S. Naval Reserves for 12 years and retired on May 1, 2012. He joined the reserves on FEB 3, 2000 and served within the following reserve units; MIUW 208, SPECWAR, SOUTHCOM, SOCCENT and DIA NR 0908. He served 7 active duty years in the reserves providing administrative support through SOUTHCOM and SOCCENT in varies task such as Administrative Assistant Petty Officer/Assistant Transitional Coordinator Agent, Transportation Assistant (Personal Property), Travel Claim Coordinator/Personnel Clerk, Liaison/Office Manager (Landstuhl Regional Medical Center-Germany).

Mr. Valentin has been married for 23 years to his wife Ivette. He has 2 grown children, Gabriella and Nathaniel, and a son Emanuel 11. He holds a bachelor's degree in Human Services from Southeastern University and is currently working on his master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at Webster University with the ambition to be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for the state of Florida.

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