Richard Lepley
Recovery Care Coordinator

Mr. Lepley is 31 year veteran of Air Force Reserve. He served 10 years as Tactical Aero Evac Medical Technician. He then served 21 years at HQ United Special Operations Command as Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor for HQ clinical and operational medical needs. During his tenure at HQ USSOCOM he achieved rank of CMSGT and retired in the fall of 2013. His operational experiences include Central America, Desert Storm, OEF and OIF. Military awards include the Meritorious Service medal, Joint Service Accommodation and Achievement Medal, Air Force Accommodation and Meritorious service medal and Senior Flight Medic Wings.

Mr. Lepley has served with the SOCOM Care Coalition since summer of 2014. He holds a BSN from the University of South Florida and is also a Certified Case Manager.

Mr. Lepley resides in Saint Petersburg, Fl.

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