Our People - Committed to the Wounded Warrior
The 9Line team consists primarily of senior, retired, military-disabled veterans and military family members. Their combined military experience and passion for ensuring that Wounded Warriors and their families receive not only the best care, but the most reliable and broadest support, make our employees our greatest asset.

9line Corporate Office, Tampa FL
Scott Heintz - Founder and President
LoAn Nguyen - Chief Financial/Operating Officer
Tracy Wyatt - Business Development Manager
Pam Martin - Office Manager
Amber Chadwell - Executive Assistant
Michael Burec - Webmaster

               9Line Field Staff                 
Carolyn Bailey - FL
Jane Baskerville - TX
George Beidleman - NC
Andrew Bell - DC
Raleigh Cash - GA
Emily Childs - NY
Kenneth Connatser - HI
Wayne Davies - NC
Kat Doyle - MD
Keith Fedo - NC
Hector Franco - FL
Gerry Fountain - NC
Pete Habicht - NC
Sarah Hammerstrom - CO
Justin Harman - FL
Deborah Holt - FL
Rosalind Jordan - OH
Megan Kostelnik - FL
Richard Lepley - FL
Bryan Link - NC
Meagan McAllister - DC
Timothy Meech - FL
Robin Michel - LA
Anthony Mitchell - TX
Johnny Moses - FL
Lizbeth Opiola - DC
Tasha Pritchett - GA
Bobby Puckett - FL
Lori O’Hehir - FL
Hiram Ortiz - FL
David Randall - NC
Larry Rivera - FL
Sean Rooney - NC
Amanda Royer - FL
Barbara Severino - NC
Chris Strychacz - GA
Darrell Underwood - NM
Ramon Valentin - FL
Judi Wicks - HI
Robyn Womac - NC
Jane Worthington - CA

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