Lizbeth Opiola
Program Analyst - Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor Adaptive Sports Program

Lizbeth Opiola recently joined 9Line as a Program Analyst for the Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor Adaptive Sports Program. She holds a Masters of Advance Studies in Sport Marketing and Management from the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology, Switzerland, and a BA in Political Science and Sign Language Interpreting from Maryville College, TN.

Lizbeth has also served as a professional contractor in the International Olympic Family. As a contractor to the United States Olympic Committee, Lizbeth supported U.S. Olympic Trials across 36 locations for up to 2,000 athletes per venue. Furthermore, she protected the brand rights for the IOC and USOC. In addition, she has served as a Compliance Officer for the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf. Facilitating communication between IFs, NOCs, National Deaf Olympic Committees (NDOCs) and the IOC, while managing testing and educational materials for Anti-Doping.

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