James Burton
Recovery Care Coordinator

James Burton is a 24 year US Navy Veteran, serving as a Hospital Corpsman for his entire career. His earlier years in the Navy were heavy with Education and Training - developing training plans for various Naval Medical Facilities and Ships. It was during this time that he was handpicked for Special Boat Unit 20, Mark Five Det. In 2002 he attended the Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman Course, and upon completion served as the IDC for the USS Ardent, USMC Task Force MP Mission to Iraq, and Second Amphibious Assault Battalion. He served as the IDC and Battalion Chief for Second Tank Battalion and Third Battalion Second Marines. His Next assignment was at Naval Medical Clinic Patuxent River where he was the Senior Enlisted Advisor for Branch Health Clinic Washington as well as the Military Medicine Chief.

After Retirement, James worked for USMC Wounded Warrior Battalion, Navy Wounded Warrior Safe Harbor, Army Wounded Warrior, and is now supporting NAVSOC East with the Care Coalition.

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