Chris Strychacz
Research Associate, GA

Dr. Chris Strychacz is a Research Psychologist who has worked as a government contractor for both the Navy for eight years and the Army for over two years. He worked as a Research Psychologist in the Human Performance Lab at the Naval Health Research Center (San Diego). He has also served as the Clinical Research Director at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. In addition, he served as a Portfolio Manager at Ft. Detrick, managing the Army's substance abuse research portfolio. He has a BS in Pre-Medical Biology, a MA in Psychology (Health Emphasis), a PhD in Community Psychology and Post-Doctoral Training in Preventive Medicine (Addictions Research).

Dr. Strychacz has also taught undergraduate and graduate psychology and research courses for 25 years, and functioned as a Stress Management Consultant in academic, corporate, health care, correctional and religious settings.

Chris joined the 9Line team in October 2016 as a Research Associate in Ft. Gordon, GA; working within the realm of TBI (traumatic brain injury) at Eisenhower Army Medical Center.

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