Amanda Royer
Research Assistant - Tampa

Amanda Royer joined 9Line in February, 2017 as the Tampa-based Research Assistant for The Defense Veterans and Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) program. Miss Royer graduated from Florida Southern College in 2014 with a Bachelorsí degree in Psychology. She worked for many years in Lakeland, FL as a Behavior Therapy Assistant helping children with disabilities to make positive behavior changes and to assist them in making advancements in their education.

As part of her studies for the Bachelorís program, Miss Royer focused on multiple research projects, finally getting her and her fellow classmates research project published in the Journal of Education in 2014. Also during her Bachelorís program, Miss Royer fell in love with the process of research which led her to move to Tampa, FL to work as the sole, on-site research employee for a substance abuse treatment agency. In this position, she tracked the progress of the clientele at pre-, during, and post-client treatment points.

Miss Royer has lived in Tampa, FL for three years with her boyfriend and their cat, Felix.

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