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Prince Harry reaches the South Pole with Ivan Castro and other Wounded Warriors - Dec 13, 2013

H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps -- ICE Video - Oct 20, 2013

Veterans to assist in child predator investigations - Oct 18, 2013

President and Soldier(Cory Remsburg): 3 Meetings, and a Lesson in Resilience - NY Times - Aug 22, 2013

Cyber warriors train at ORNL to catch child predators - 10 WBIR.com - Aug 8, 2013

Riding with hero vets in W100K Mountain Bike Ride - Fox News - May 24, 2013

From: Heather Kelly - May 12, 2013

Hello All:

Competitions kicked off today with cycling events, followed by wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. USSOCOM team members Justin Gaertner secured Bronze, Mark Vomund secured Silver, and Chris Self and Ivan Castro both secured Gold medals in their respective cycling categories. In addition, the following USSOCOM media interviews took place today:

· NBC News national producer David Smith collected b-roll and interviewed athlete Sammie Lugo, highlighting his handcycle and competitive participation

· British filmmaker and TV Twenty Four producer Alexis Girardet and Newsweek reporter Susan Hewitt interviewed team member Ivan Castro in relation to his Warrior Games participation and upcoming “Walking with the Wounded” trip to the South Pole. The Denver Post also captured images of Castro and Britain’s Prince Harry at:

Prince Harry attends the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs
Prince Harry with Ivan Castro at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs
Prince Harry with Ivan Castro at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs
The winners of the Men's 30K Tandem Race at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs

· The Denver Post featured USSOCOM Chris Self’s Gold medal win at the Wounded Warrior games

· Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Joe Paisley interviewed Mark Vomund on the benefits of Warrior Games activities to family life

· Univision television interviewed team members Freddie Del Los Santos and Luis Cruz on the importance of the Warrior Games and representing the Latin community within the Wounded Warrior community

· Defense Media Activity (DMA) reporter Andrew Carlton interviewed team member Justin Gaertner during preparations for his handcycle race; additional DMA producer Jonathan Hudson interviewed team member Freddie Del Los Santos on previous Games participation and coaching fellow handcyclists

· Footstomp producer Terry Cornwell interviewed Mark Vomund on his Silver medal win

· Several photo and video posts from today’s highlights were publicized on USSOCOM’s Facebook and Twitter feeds at:
FaceBook USSOCOM and Twitter USSOCOM

Rich Robertson - Veteran wages war on child predators - March 21, 2013

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