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Regional Education Coordinator - Tampa, FL  
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The Regional Education Coordinator, in coordination with designated government leads (normally the government site director and the government lead at DVBIC Headquarters), is responsible for a variety of duties to provide education for Service Members, veterans and their families on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury. S/he coordinates/facilitates and/or provides TBI education for providers, clinicians and all members of the healthcare team who are involved in the care of Service Members and veterans with traumatic brain injury. S/he delivers education programs directly to families, spouses, ancillary staff, and the military and civilian community on traumatic brain injury. S/he coordinates projects for patient/family and community awareness initiatives. (Because this role provides both local site services and service on a regional basis, the individual must coordinate issues that affect network regional support (which is support that is outside the authority of the local government site director) with the DVBIC HQ government lead.)

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