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9Line LLC is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business(SDVOSB) committed to providing advocacy and support to our nation’s Wounded Warriors and their families. To accomplish this mission, 9Line has assembled a unique team consisting primarily of senior, retired, military-disabled veterans and military family members. The 9Line team has more than 125 combined years of military service in Special Operations as well as medical planning, operational, and clinical experience. The majority of the Wounded Warrior Advocates are retired senior military leaders who spent their careers devoted to the welfare of the Warriors and their families.

9Line Corporate Capabilities 2018
Corporate Capabilities 2018 (Adobe PDF version)
Company Name

The company name was derived from the Army’s MEDEVAC request procedure – the “9Line” request. The request is a set of basic information that the unit on the ground provides to initiate the MEDEVAC response for the recovery of a wounded warrior from the site of the incident. Armed with this basic information, the MEDEVAC crew formulates and executes a plan to successfully complete the mission. 9Line operates under these same basic principles: provide us with the basic requirements of the wounded warrior and their family and our team will formulate and respond with an effective plan of services and support to facilitate recovery.

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